Daily Routine Schedule

At the beginning of the day
  1. Fill a fresh purified water bottle and attach to dental unit if applicable.
  2. Purge the handpiece line and air water syringe line by flushing for 2-3 minutes at beginning of day and between patients for 30 seconds.
  3. Make up fresh ultrasonic cleaning solution as per manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Check date on the cold soak germicide – change if necessary.
  5. Review manufacturer’s instructions regarding sterilizer preparation and testing requirements. (Biological spore test, Bowie Dick, etc.)

NOTE: Always wear gloves/masks/eye protection when making up these solutions.
Ensure adequate ventilation. Label containers properly.

Before the procedure
  1. Disinfect the operatory by following the manufacturers recommended instructions. If using OPTIM 33TB disinfectant wipes or spray, wipe surface area and leave wet for 1 minute.
  2. Cover control panels, light switch, light handle, head rest, light curing unit, keyboard and mouse with barriers.
  3. Collect and set patient and place protective glasses and bib on patient.
  4. Review and update the medical history.
  5. Adjust chair position and light.
  6. Operator dons protective glasses and mask.
  7. Operator washes and dries hands and dons a fresh pair of gloves.
  8. Place sterile instruments/burs/cotton rolls on a protected work surface.
The procedure
  1. After delivering local anaesthetic, resheath needle using ‘single handed’ technique.
  2. Dentist removes and disposes of needle and cartridge in SHARPS container.
  3. Carry out the procedure. Operator should not touch any surface or item outside zoned area.
  4. Should the operator need to leave the chair side, e.g. to answer telephone, he/she should remove and dispose of gloves and wash hands; on returning to chair side the operator washes and dries hands and dons fresh pair of gloves.

NOTE: Care should be taken to avoid cross contamination between items such as glass labs, composite syringes, impression materials, etc.

After the procedure
  1. Flush handpiece for 30 seconds.
  2. Flush suction with cold water.
  3. Flush cuspidor and cup filler.
  4. Remove all barriers on controls and dispose.
  5. Remove gloves and dispose.
  6. Don fresh pair of gloves, utility gloves are recommended.
  7. Clean operatory surfaces to remove debris as per manufacturer’s instructions.
  8. Disinfect the operatory surfaces with disinfectant solution
    as per manufacturer’s instructions.
  9. If using OPTIM 33TB, this is a single step procedure unless the surface is heavily soiled.
  10. Remove gloves and dispose of them, together with wipes.
  11. Wash and dry hands. 
  12. Set up for next patient.
End of the day
  1. Make up fresh solution of evacuation system cleaner as per manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. Remove and empty purified water bottle from unit. Disinfect DUWL according to manufacturer’s directions.
  3. Any waste amalgam found in filter should be placed in an ‘amalgam safe’ container and the filter then rinsed with water and disinfected. Rinse with tap water and air-dry overnight
  4. Remove filter from suction unit and disinfect. Rinse with tap water and air-dry overnight.
  5. Empty, disinfect and dry ultrasonic bath as per manufacturer’s instructions.
  6. Disinfect all work surfaces and dental unit, base of chair and pedals.
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