SciCan announces dentistry Canada fund donation

OTTAWA, CANADA - In celebration of our relationship with the Dentistry Canada Fund (DCF), SciCan made a significant donation, payable to the charity over four years starting in 2004.

DCF operates a fund to assist in the encouragement of oral health through education, research and promotion. In recognition of SciCan’s contribution, DCF proudly named its 427 Gilmour Street headquarters in Ottawa, SciCan House.

SciCan also donated to the DCF cause, on behalf of purchasing dentists, a percentage of all confirmed sales of STATIM sterilizers from September 1 to December 31, 2004.

“As a member of the dental industry, SciCan's management team and I are committed to furthering the advancement of dental education and research in Canada,” says SciCan Chairman Arthur Zwingenberger.
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