OPTIM wipes and a STATIM help create sterile clinic in challenging environment

Even before the devastation of the January 2010 earthquake, Haiti had an astonishingly high number of orphans. Maison de Lumiere, a Port-au-Prince-based orphanage has been working with Haiti’s children since 2004. Once a child’s immediate need for food and shelter is met, preventative health care becomes extremely important. Beyond its orphanage, Maison de Lumiere in Port-au-Prince runs a school, a food program and a medical clinic, which relies on help from international dental missions.

120 fillings and 55 cleanings

Dentist, Dr. Charles Slone, and dental hygenist Chandra Ann Shumar of California traveled to Haiti last winter to deliver care to Maison de Lumiere children and the community. Using a compact STATIM 2000 and several boxes of OPTIM wipes, donated by SciCan Inc., the dental team performed 120 fillings, 55 very difficult cleanings, several extractions, replaced one missing anterior tooth and saved a great many permanent molars. (“They would have needed to be pulled within a year,” explained Shumar.)

Need for basic dental care

Lack of oral health can lead to a host of more complex medical conditions and dental missions often focus on youth, most of whom have never received even the most basic dental care in their short lives. Donated dental instruments and supplies were left on site to support ongoing dental care as future volunteer teams come forward to help.

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