STATIM plays humanitarian role in Guyana & Tijuana

While it's no surprise to learn that STATIM can be found in all corners of the world, it's particularly inspiring to learn about their use in bringing hope and dignity to people in disadvantaged areas. In 2005, we heard from Dr. John Thorpe, who traveled with Canadian Vision Care to the Essequibo coast of Guyana to perform eye inspections and cataract surgery.

His team put a donated STATIM 5000 into action sterilizing ophthalmic instruments for more than 30 cataract operations. In the same year, Dr. Glenn Wong, the director of Holy Name Healthcare Outreach Society, also wrote to SciCan thanking us for our support of an outreach mission in Tijuana, Mexico. There, volunteer physicians and dentists used a STATIM in the treatment of thousands of underprivileged patients.
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