1,927 procedures in eight days

Early in October 2008, volunteer dentists from New Hampshire, Alaska, and Durban, South Africa, gathered to run a clinic in the KwaZulu Natal region of South Africa. In eight days, the four dentists performed 1,927 restorations and extractions, treating a total of 437 children. Using new, portable equipment, top quality anesthetics and restoration materials and a donated STATIM 2000, the team delivered free dental care to children living in the tiny villages near the Isandlwana battlefield.

“At the rate these guys were working, we needed a lot of clean instruments and we couldn’t carry that many into these remote areas, that’s why the STATIM was so important,” explains team member Dorothy Steinert, whose California-based organization Medicine: Arm-In-Arm, worked with local Rotary Clubs to arrange the mission.

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