SciCan Employee Generosity Helps Expand School in Ghana

There’s a storage room on the second floor of SciCan’s Toronto headquarters stacked to the ceiling with black garbage bags, each crammed with toys and children’s clothes. It’s for a play centre, but not one here.

This play centre is 5,200 miles away, an addition to a school near the central Ghanaian city of Kumasi in a village called Tetrem.

Need for more schools

“There is no roof over the playcentre right now. When the roof is built, I’ll send the shipment,” explains Augustine Kusi, the company’s customs and transportation expert and the lead in an ongoing mission to support the growth of Good Foundation School, a junior school not far from where he grew up.

Among West African countries, Ghana has one of the highest school enrollment rates (83% of its children are in school) but its number could be higher were it not for resource constraints in building schools, providing adequate textbooks and training new teachers.

Diamond pendants raise $730

Augustine’s garage at home holds even more bags of toys and clothes, and contributors such as his church congregation as well as SciCan and supplier DHL Global Forwarding Canada provide a rich source of much needed items (DHL donated enough computers to form the school’s IT lab).
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