STATIM donation helps build Tanzanian clinic

In 2004, when Dr. Wally McKenzie, DMD, wrote to SciCan about a STATIM and AQUASTAT donation, he was setting up a 60-bed medical centre in Dodoma, the capital of Tanzania.

Complementing existing hospitals, the centre offers graduated fee-based medical and dental service to an area that currently has a single dentist and one dental tech for its 1.7 million inhabitants.

The STATIM and AQUASTAT donated to the interdenominational Dodoma Christian Medical Centre will help to develop a group of trained dental professionals to serve this underprivileged population.

“A great service in this very poor area.”
“Generally, the area has natural fluoride in the drinking supply, so the teeth have been traditionally good,” he wrote in a letter to SciCan’s Dan Thomas. “With the advent of a sugar diet, pit and fissure decay combined with an almost complete lack of early intervention, the decay rate exceeds that of home.”

McKenzie goes on the explain that, “with the amount of Hepatitis and HIV (in Dodoma), your equipment will be doing a great service in this very poor area.”
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