Green for surfaces

FD 322 – Handpiece and surface disinfectant
Aldehyde-free ready-to-use solution with new improved formulation for quick-acting spray and wipe disinfection. Gentle cleaning of the surfaces of medical products. With active cleaning ingredients.

  • Excellent material compatibility
  • Rapid residue-free drying
  • With immediate and long-term action
  • Working time: 1 minute. HBV, HCV, HIV: 30 seconds
  •  Range of action: bactericidal, tuberculocidal, fungicidal, anti-viral (enveloped viruses, incl. HBV, HCV), non-enveloped adeno viruses, uncovered polyoma viruses SV 40
  • Modern combination of active ingredients: alcohols
  • Package size: 2.5 L

FD 360 – Chair cleaning and care

When cleaning vinyl upholstery, FD 360 is very gentle on the materials. First, the cleaning components make them spotlessly clean, then the care components produce a shiny finish. Thus a heavily soiled dental chair can be completely restored with the first treatment with FD 360 and then maintained in an immaculate condition with only a few millilitres per week.

  • Cleaning and care for vinyl upholstery with a silky shine
  • Cleaning fluid for the deep-cleaning and care for vinyl upholstery surfaces of dental units
  • Intensive cleaning effect – removes stains of all kind, dirt rims and textile discolouring, e.g. from unsealed colours in clothing. Special sponges for hard to remove dirt
  • Excellent material compatibility – suitable for all vinyl upholstery
  • Contains special tensides, silicone-composites and care components on avocado oil basis
  • Environmentally friendly, fuel-gas free pump spray bottle
  • Pack size: set with 1 x 500 ml FD 360 and 10 special sponges
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