SELECTBondSEdc is a true self-etching dual cure bonding agent. It can be used with any resin regardless of how that resin is cured. This means you only need one bonding system for all your composite dentistry because SELECTBondSEdc is compatible with all light, self and dual cured composites.

SELECTBondSEdc can be used in wet or dry conditions and requires only a 1 coat application. With high adhesion to both dentin and enamel you can bond with confidence in virtually every instance with any resin. It’s fast, effective and simplifies the bonding process.

Self etching, dual cured bonding agent
  • Can be used with all light, self and dual cured composites
  • Eliminates post operative sensitivity
  • Ideal for use in canals where light curing is difficult
  • Fast, one coat application
  • Available in convenient UniDose caps and bottles
Ethanol based
Shear Bond Strength Enamel    22.1 MPa
Shear Bond Strength Dentin     20.5 MPa
Mixing time –                             10 seconds
Application time                         30 seconds
Curing time                                20 seconds with light 3 to 5 minutes autocure
BND-SC-BTL SELECT Bond SE DC in 2 x 5ml bottles and accessories
BND-SC-DC-UNI-1 SELECT Bond SE DC with 50 Unidose caps and accessories
BND-SC-DC-UNI-2 SELECT Bond SE DC with 200 Unidose
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