SELECTTCBcem is a eugenol free, temporary cement that is very easy to clean up. It can be used with any bis-acryl provisional material and is easily removed from the prep.

Temporary cement
  • Eugenol free temporary cement, won’t adversely affect setting of resin filling and luting materials
  • Easy to use mini syringes ensure perfect mixes every time
  • Excess material cleans up very easily.
  • Simplify flick off any excess with no fear of dislodging the temporary
  • Works best on a moist prep
  • Working time of 1:30 minutes
  • Setting time in the mouth between 2 and 3 minutes
TEMP-CEM-NE SELECT Temporary Eugenol Free Cement
1 x 5ml 1:1 syringe, 8 tips
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