SELECTSupraTemp is the ideal temporary crown and bridge material. It’s perfectly suited for everything from single unit crowns to long span bridges. It polishes to a high, natural looking gloss and resists staining longer than other provisional materials.

SELECTSupraTemp is predictable, reliable and easy to use. It generates less heat than most other provisional materials
when it cures and is very easy to trim and polish. It’s naturally fluorescent and comes in a wide range of shades.

Amazingly esthetic crown and bridge material
  • Polishes to a ceramic-like finish
  • Low exothermic reaction
  • Naturally fluorescent
  • Fast procedure time
  • Methyl methacrylate free
  • Very resistant to staining
  • Available in shades A1, A2, A3 B1 and Bleach
TCB-ST-A1 Shade A1 1x50ml cartridge and 10 tips
TCB-ST-A2 Shade A2 1x50ml cartridge and 10 tips
TCB-ST-A3 Shade A3 1x50ml cartridge and 10 tips
TCB-ST-B1 Shade B1 1x50ml cartridge and 10 tips
TCB-ST-BL Shade Bleach 1x50ml cartridge and 10 tips
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