One step, pre-sterilization handpiece maintenance spray.

STATMATIC spray provides lubrication to help prolong the working life of your dental handpieces.

For use in the STATMATIC automatic handpiece maintenance unit
Prod. no. STM500-6NA (box of 6 cans)

Simple, convenient spray can loading
Replacing the STATMATIC unit spray can is just as easy as operating the program. Instead of complex and cumbersome locks that have to be rotated and pushed into place, STATMATIC provides its users with simplicity and safety - just push up the retaining ring, snap the spray can into place in the holder and let the retaining ring back down again.

Changing the absorbtion pad
Clean as a whistle: STATMATIC is fitted with an absorption pad to retain any excess lubricant.

Safety valve
Absolutely safe: the automatic safety valve will only open when a care programme has been activated.
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