Correct Lubrication Procedure for Handpieces

Correct lubrication procedure for handpieces

  1. Remove bur from head.
  2. Remove handpiece from tubing.
  3. Remove head from shank, and shank from motor.
  4. If using STATMATIC Lubrication Station attach handpiece to correct nozzle, close door and press button to activate lubrication and purging, remove when the tone sounds.
  5. With a manual can bring individual item to can and locate the correct nozzle.
  6. Wrap tissue around item to absorb excess spray.
  7. Fully depress spray button.
  8. Release spray button but keep holding handpiece on nozzle until all residual can pressure has been dissipated.
  9. Unwrap tissue and check for debris.
  10. Continue cleaning/lubricating until tissue shows clean uncontaminated oil.
  11. Wipe excess external oil and place handpiece on a air line and purge for 20 seconds to remove excess oil.
  12. Wrap and sterilize the handpiece.
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