Instrument Management

For efficient cleaning, sterilization and storage of instrumentsInstrument Management

Why use cassettes?

  • Virtually eliminates hand scrubbing when used in conjunction with HYDRIM instrument washer
  • Efficient, time-saving transfer of instruments from the operatory, to HYDRIM, to STATIM
  • Keeps instruments organized and neat
  • Helps prevent damage to instruments


  • Unique hole pattern provides excellent washing, rinsing and draining in the HYDRIM instrument washer/washer-disinfector
  • High grade surgical stainless steel with a passivated finish to maximize durability and minimize discolouration
  • Manufacturer's four year warranty on all moving parts and a lifetime guarantee against corrosion
  • Modular design maximizes space utilization and optimizes the efficiency of your STATIM sterilizer
  • Silicone instrument retention strips are designed to minimize contact area with instruments, which promotes more effective cleaning
  • Choice of eight colours of silicone strips to customize cassettes for your needs (all cassettes come standard with green silicone colour coding)
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