OPTIM CS chemosterilant and high level disinfectant

Chemical disinfection for critical instruments and devices that cannot be autoclaved.


  • Economical
  • Safe for staff and the environment
  • No fume hoods required as with Glutaraldehyde
  • Fast acting
  • For chemical sterilization and high level disinfection

What is OPTIM CS?
OPTIM CS is a rapid and ready-to-use solution designed for chemical sterilization and high level disinfection of critical and semi-critical instruments, and devices that cannot be autoclaved.

Why use OPTIM CS?
The fastest product on the dental market for chemical sterilization, OPTIM CS completes effective sterilization in 20 minutes. It’s a ready-to-use solution where the active ingredient is 7% hydrogen peroxide, so it’s safe for staff and for the environment when used in accordance with the instructions on the label.

  • Contains corrosion inhibitors
  • Effective in 5% soil load with cleaning efficacy
  • No glutaraldehydes, no alcohol, no peracetic acid
  • No VOCs (volatile organic compounds)

How should my practice use OPTIM CS?
OPTIM CS is compatible with acrylic, silicone rubber, low and high density plastics, stainless steel and mild steel instruments.* And its long shelf life means you can use the amount you want when you need it – for up to 12 months. (Indicator test strips are also available.)
*Please refer to the product label for further details.

How safe is OPTIM CS for the environment?
OPTIM CS is biodegradable and decomposes to water and oxygen within moments of being properly discharged into a drainage system. Its AHP Technology (accelerated hydrogen peroxide) is also the first and only disinfectant technology approved and certified by EcoLogo – Environmental Choice Program.

OPTIM CS microbiological effectiveness

Test organism Contact time
Sporicidal Bacillus subtilis (ATCC 19659)
Clostridium sporogenes (ATCC 7955)
20 Minutes (at 20°C)
Tuberculocidal Mycobacterium terrae (ATCC 15755) 20 Minutes (at 20°C)
Fungicidal Trychophyton mentagrophytes (ATCC 9533) 20 Minutes (at 20°C)

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