STATMATIC Maintenance Unit

STATMATIC cleans and lubricates straight to the bottom line.

Quick and thorough

  • Automatically cleans and maintains up to three handpieces. Cycle time is only 15 seconds per handpiece
  • Unique chuck care system
  • Chemical/physical cleaning with foaming care agent
  • Optimal lubricant coverage throughout the handpiece
  • Compressed-air connection: excess lubricant purging
  • Automated reproducable quality of care
  • Easy spray can insertion
  • Can coupling with unique safety valve
  • Absorption pad for excess lubricant
  • 10 years guarantee – only from SciCan

The way STATMATIC works is straight forward: just flip down the door, snap one, two or three handpieces onto the adapters, close the door, press the start button. Done.

STATMATIC offers great flexibility. It registers the number of handpieces connected to the couplings, whether it is one, two or three. The STATMATIC comes with 2 E-type and 1 multiflex coupling. Contact your dental dealer for other coupling options.


Improved working life of your handpieces through efficient cleaning and lubrication – saving you time and money.


Dimensions W 285 x D 190 x H 400 mm
11.4 x 7.6 x 16"
Weight 8.6 kg / 18.9 lbs
Electrical Ratings 100-230 V, 50/60 Hz, 30 VA
Protection class 1
Ambient temperature 1 5-40° C (41-104 °F)
Sound level 60 (65) dB (A)
Relative humidity max. 85 %
Compressed air 4-6 bar (58-87 ps)
Air consumption 40 NL/min
Compressed-air quality max. 0,1 mg/m3,
Residual oil content max. 1 mg/m3,
Residual dust max 1µ; max. 1 mg/m3
Residual water max. 0.1 g/m3 at -40 °C

Dental Advisor Awards 2016 - Handpiece Maintenance System

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