Dentistry: Airport Dental

Airport-themed, dental clinic’s STATIM 7000 is the most used sterilizer by staff

Dr. Viet Nguyen was opening a new practice two years ago when the question of sterilization came up. “It was a new practice and we wanted the latest technology,” recalls the dentist whose 3,000-square-foot facility in Oshawa , Ontario, which holds nine operatories that host five dentists and five specialists.

Sterilizers running 50 hours a week

Monday to Saturday, the Airport Dental Centre, just East of Toronto and adjacent to the Oshawa Airport, sees a steady flow of patients from the growing subdivision nearby and Dr. Nguyen’s sterilization centre is always busy with machines running 50 hours a week processing instruments. While there are three different types of sterilizers at work in the clinic, the SciCan STATIM 7000 takes on a large part of the workload.

Most dental schools work with cassette autoclaves

“If it’s available, that’s the one staff use because it’s the easiest,” says Dr. Nguyen, adding that most dental schools work with cassette autoclaves and that he wanted to have a unit whose functionality was universally recognized by staff.  “We also like the advantages of working with a cassette-based system because it means less handling of the instruments,” he explains.

Hydrim L110w complements clinic’s STATIM 7000

The Airport Dental Centre, whose high-tech environment centres around an aviation theme (there’s a flight simulator in the waiting room and a model plane collection to browse), complements its use of the Statim 7000 with a Hydrim L110w washer, which Dr. Nguyen and his team chose over a competitive Miele product.
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