Endoscopy: Centre de Gastro-Entérologie

Centre de Gastro-Entérologie in Montréal - faster turnaround on scopes helps this private clinic's bottom line

One- to three-year wait times for non-urgent procedures in hospitals and the above average patient care have prompted many patients to book an appointment at Montreal's Centre de Gastro-Entérologie. But there are no wait times here when it comes to endoscope reprocessing.

For six years now, this upscale facility has provided physicians with a highly efficient clinical environment where they can see more patients. And part of that efficiency comes from the centre's constant use of three INNOVA E2 automated reprocessors, each able to wash and disinfect a scope in an average 37 minutes.

Receiving referrals from Québec city to the Ontario border, the clinic schedules procedures from early in the morning to mid afternoon.

Saving money using less scopes

"Using fewer scopes more often saves you money. But you need to have the right number of scopes with the right number of INNOVA E2s, so that doctors don’t wait," explains John Morrissette, managing director.

Morrissette says that beyond the INNOVA E2's reputation for fast instrument turnover, the clinic also chose the units because they were backed by SciCan's reputation for service.

Good product support key to clinic success

"Suppliers play a key role in the success of the clinic,” he says, adding that SciCan has always responded quickly to any service issues because down time on a single INNOVA E2 can slow this high functioning clinic's performance. And that is costly.

"Private clinics are different than hospitals in that they have a bottom line," says Morrisette, explaining that any down time can affect profitability.

"That's why we would consider any other unit or model that SciCan would make available," he adds. "We've had a favourable experience using the E2s and would easily recommend it."

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