Endoscopy: HMTS Plasma Sterilizers

Rise in endoscope use sees corresponding demand for plasma sterilizers offering hospitals rapid, pollution-free processing

Surgeon working with a HMTS Plasma SterilizerWith medical diagnosis and treatment moving increasingly towards non-invasive procedures, hospitals are challenged with a rise in the use and demand for endoscopes. And with more doctors using more scopes, there is a growing need for fast and cost-effective low-temperature sterilization methods such as plasma-based processes. With plans to expand shortly to four cysto rooms, the ability to process flexiscopes efficiently has never been more urgent at Lakeridge Hospital in Oshawa, Ontario.

Surgeons delighted by plasma sterilizer’s output

“To increase the volume of patients we can serve, we needed a consistently reliable and fast method of processing scopes,” explains SPU manager Maureen Greer, adding that the surgeons are absolutely delighted with the new HMTS 142 plasma sterilizer’s output.

Quick solutions for resource constrained sterilization departments

It has been a year since Lakeridge Hospital’s SPU purchased three Humanmeditek plasma sterilizers from SciCan, the HMTS 142 and two of the smaller HMTS 80s. Since then, the team is processing as many as four scopes in the time that its old machine used to take to sterilize just one.

Surgeons working together with HMTS Plasma SterilizersLow cost per cycle

They have also seen costs per cycle decline as these units don’t require ‘booster’ packs, often employed in many plasma sterilizers to ensure the thorough cleaning of a scope’s lumens. Rather, HMTS technology generates increased pressure in the chamber which in turn provides a more even distribution of the vaporized hydrogen peroxide.

Green technology easy to use and easy on the environment

Beyond its easy touch-screen, windows-based operation and straight-forward install (no plumbing or piping, it just needs a power outlet), HMTS technology is 100% clean. When a cycle is complete, there is nothing left over but water and oxygen, with no concern over chemical residue or environmentally harmful byproducts.

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