Never empty your condenser bottle again.

VistaCool™ - the only direct-to-drain system designed from the ground up for your STATIM® 2000 and 5000 cassette autoclaves and other selected sterilizers.


Drains sterilizer exhaust safely and automatically.


Eliminates wasted staff time emptying condenser bottle.

Cost Effective

Dedicate more resources to patient care and less on maintenance.

VistaCool Single System; Code: V7501
VistaCool Single System
VistaCool Double System; Code: V7502
VistaCool Double System

Easy to Install

Installed under a sink, usually inside your sterilization center cabinet, VistaCool functions independently from operator input aside from periodic inspections of the connections to ensure proper operation!

VistaCool Installation


Universal System

VistaCool will work with STATIM 2000 or 5000 and other select sterilizers.

Smart Design

Triangular water tank is shaped to take up less space under your sink. Double unit services 2 sterilizers. No counter drilling or air gap (in most cases).


All components and system set-up are compliant with most regional plumbing codes.

Easy to Use

No consumable parts nor daily maintenance is required.


VistaCool is the only direct-to-drain product designed to safely and effectively drain the steam exhaust from STATIM 2000 or 5000 and other select sterilizers.


System will continuously cool your sterilizers hot exhaust and drain it safely – no matter how many cycles you run.

Eco Design

Water tank is made of recycled plastic material.


Can be used with all drainage pipe material types.


  • S7545 Adjustable tank stand (Single unit)
  • S7547 Adjustable tank stand (Double unit)
  • S7550 Air Gap Kit


  V7501 V7502
Tank Material Polyethylene - Natural White
Tank Dimensions (W/O fittings) 7.6" W x 7.6" L x 10.75" H
19.3 cm x 19.3 cm x 27.3 cm
4.0" W x 13.0" L x 14.0" H
10.2 cm x 33.1 cm x 35.6 cm
Tank Volume 1.50 Gallons / 5.70 Liters 3.00 Gallons / 11.40 Liters
Tank Weight (w/ water & Fittings) 15.0 lbs. / 6.8 kg 28.0 lbs. / 12.7 kg
Coolant Water Connection Supply fitting for ¼" O.D required. To be provided by installer
Max Coolant Water Pressure 100 psi / 6.9 bar
Max Altitude (If using Air Gap) 6,561 feet / 2000 meters
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